The Artist


Welcome to my website!

My name is Daphné Essiet and I am Afropean multidisciplinary artist. 

I enjoy expressing myself through music, visual art, and poetry/writing. Over the years I have enjoyed experimenting with different styles and medium (and I still do) as well as trying different art practice: so far it has been an amazing journey.

Growing up my worth as a little brown girl was impacted by the lack of diversity in my environment and the media. Although at the time I did not have the words to articulate how I felt, it negatively affected how I interacted with myself and the world, and still does to a certain still does.

As visual artist, that’s the reason why when it comes to my figurative pieces I focus on celebrating Black and Brown girls and women like myself and lend my gift to uplift and better my community! If you want to keep in touch, sign up for my newsletter or instagram!  

My abstract and patterns is a limitless way to express my multicultural background. I love colors, freedom and I am proud of sharing my passion with those who enjoy these same things.