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Dotted Symmetry 100 - New Sacred Geometric Dotted Painting


I am super excited to share this new piece with the community.

The large canvas (24x30in) was quite daunting at first, but the process became my main focus. I never really plan what I am going to draw beforehand, just that I would use a grey background (it wasn't even the gray I was planning on using haha). Then I picked up my ruler and compass and let my imagination run wild.

Every single dots shares similar traits: they are even and have a nicely rounded shape; however, they each carry their own "DNA" which make them unique!

I love the result and I am looking forward to create even more geometrical pieces like this one. I totally can see those in an art gallery, a museum, or your beautiful home! Meanwhile, it is in my home ;-)

I called it: Dotted Symmetry 100

Link here

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